The Best of Indy networking group is one of the longest-running, industry-exclusive B2B groups in the Indianapolis area. Best of Indy was part of a large referral network and has recently gained its independence.!

The beauty of this group is, it has everything needed to start a business. Best of Indy has members to help with real estate, insurance, accounting, IT, logo and web design, financial planning, benefits, legal counsel and more. If the group cannot help you with an issue, the members will make a referral to someone who can.

The Best of Indy group believes in the principle of give first and then receive. Over the last 5 years, the referrals given through the club have generated over $1 million in closed business transactions.

The club welcomes all visitors and is looking to expand and interview potential new members. Please look at the member’s page to see if you think there is a fit for your business.

This club meets nearly every Wednesday at Loren & Mari Mexican Grill in Carmel from 12-1pm. It is recommended to arrive early to meet members and to order food.



Real Estate

Web Design