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Indy’s I.T. Department was established in 2009 to provide large enterprise-level services to small and medium businesses in the Indianapolis area.  The idea was to bring decades of start-up and enterprise support experience to the small business, allowing them to leverage both their agile size and technological strength to compete directly with the large corporations.

Consistent, organic growth of Indy’s I.T. Department brought successes to many clients.  The founding ideas of marrying top-line level technology with the agility of small businesses were demonstrated with great success during the COVID-19 outbreak of Spring 2020.  The small companies managed by Indy’s I.T. Department were able to quickly and easily shift from on-premise staff to remote workers and work from home solutions in minutes.  This allowed even non-essential companies in the Indianapolis market to remain functional and satisfying the needs of other businesses.  It also allowed for keeping the staff employed and working toward a common success within their organizations.

The outside-the-box planning by Indy’s I.T. Department is now becoming a standard level of preparedness and flexibility as businesses are re-opening and moving forward across the Managed Services Provider market.

As a horizontal focused MSP, Indy’s I.T. Department is continuing to support those businesses of 3 to 50 computers with stability, security, and flexibility to meet the needs of today, while preparing for the challenges of tomorrow.